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Not Just an Ordinary Wedding Alubm

Fresh, linear and clear design!

The Best Way To Tell Your Story

Wedding albums are story tellers. To me it’s what the wedding photography is all about, story telling. My story telling is not done with the last press of a camera shutter button, it goes on for years to come in a form of a wedding album. It will keep your wedding day memories fresh for years to come. I know it is hard to believe that you will forget any of the moments, but memories fade over time. With each and every day photographs in your album become more and more valuable. 20 -30 years from now they become priceless! My albums are handmade in Italy by a company called Graphistudio.

My biggest goal when it comes to wedding photography is to provide all the couples with exceptional services, amazing photographs, and forever lasting memories of their wedding day. 

I was referred to Graphistudio by one of the fellow photographers, and immediately knew this was the product I wanted to offer to all my clients. Why? Simply because these albums are out of this world beautiful! To really appreciate them you really have to hold them and feel them in your hands.

The quality of  ‘Made in Italy’. Refined materials, special solutions such as Graphistudio’s internationally patented seamless binding, the perfectly lay flat opening and the extreme attention to the finishing are the distinctive marks of the Graphistudio Wedding Book: a memento guaranteed to preserve unaltered through the years, the charm and the emotions of the most beautiful story in the world.

The Covers

Creating the cover is one of the most exciting moments in the book design process. Graphistudio has always offered an immense richness of materials and customizations. In order to guarantee uniqueness and exclusivity, our covers are all handmade in single copy, on the basis of the aesthetical sensibility and choices made by each client. The combination of the material, color and front panel layout is essential: the leathers, the Nappas, the metals or the silks, to name but a few, selected in the preferred tones, embrace die-cuts, images, inserts, embossing and seams. The spine and back, which enrich the front cover, can be chosen to match the main chromatic tones or to elegantly contrast them with colors and textures. Visit the relevant “Design” section to get inspired and start dreaming.


After your wedding day my job is far from over. After I spend many hours sorting, selecting and editing your photographs, your story needs to take a shape in a form of a wedding album. Yes, in digital age there are some DIY options for you all over the internet. But truth to be told, nothing beats a high-quality wedding album, designed, hand made and printed by professionals.

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