About Me

Working with couples is an amazing gift and honor, and I feel incredibly privileged to be able to do what I do. As a wedding photographer and an artist, I use my background in journalism to capture and craft the story of your wedding in most amazing and genuine way possible. I wow to be there for you throughout the whole process, get to know you, build a relationship and amaze you with my creative imagery. I want to be the one you can count on at any time, so pick up the phone and ask me any questions you have… I am here to help!

My name is Jasko Omerovic and I am a Chicago based wedding and family photographer who lives and breathes photography. I am a father, a husband, musician, journalist! I love great food, Nutella crepes, and I am a coffee fanatic. Fun is essential part of what I do, so when I am at your wedding I want you to have lots of it! Fun helps me capture great images, so relax and enjoy your wedding day, let us worry about everything else.

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My Style and Philosophy

My style is modern photojournalism influenced by fashion and fine art photography. I love dramatic lighting, fashion style posing and vibrant colors. I never stop to challenge myself creatively and always set high goals and expectations. I never stop learning, practicing and exploring new areas in photography.

I want you to enjoy your wedding, have fun and relax. Therefore, in months leading to your wedding, we will spend  a lot of time talking and getting to know each other better. We will plan every little detail to make sure we deliver you most amazing imagery. Your wedding story will be crafted into an amazing wedding album or a fine art book like one you’ve never seen before.


Creativity and the vision is the most important part of the image making process, but the gear I use in that process is extremely important. I only use professional Nikon cameras and lenses. Light is a vital part of the photography and therefore I use professional lighting equipment for most of my work which helps me achieve unique, bright and crisp images.

Modern era photography cannot exist without extensive post-production. I am a Photoshop freak! I love editing and altering photographs in the most creative ways possible while staying withing the limits of truthfulness. I use latest versions of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw and Mac computers.

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