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If you are getting married in Chicago, and looking for a perfect locations for your wedding day photography, here are 5 unique suggestions we love.

River Point

River Walk West

Chicago River Walk is one of the most requested locations for engagement and wedding day photography we have. Understandably so, as it offers some of the most amazing features the city has to offer, each and every corner of the neighborhood provides its guest with something special. However, after doing many sessions at this location, I needed and wanted to find something with a similar feel, but different.
I discovered a newly built park along the river in Chicago, at 444 W. Lake Street earlier last year. I call this location Riverwalk West, as it is situated on the west side of the Riverwalk. It offers truly unique city views, as well as views of the trains, boats, river, Merchandise Mart building, and more.
Earlier last year I discovered a newly build park along the river in Chicago, at 444 W. Lake Street. I call this location Riverwalk West, as it is on the west side of the Riverwalk. It offers truly unique city views, views of the trains, boats, river, Merchandize Mart building, and more.

Collegiate Gothic architecture

University of Chicago Campus

The University of Chicago Campus is listed as one of the most beautiful college campuses in the United States. From the gothic to modern architecture this 217-acre campus offers photo opportunities that are genuinely unique and suit each taste. Overgrown in wines, and beautiful linear landscapes, make it a simply perfect nature or architecture background.

Urban Style

Chicago Skyline Views

Chicago has one of the best looking skyline views in the world! The iconic, epic views of the city are famous worldwide, so taking photos with the city in the background seems like the natural course of action. Plenty of locations also offer this opportunity. First, is probably the most iconic one is the Museum Campus near Adler Planetarium. The other locations, which are just as notable are North Avenue Beach, Fullerton Beach, Olive Park, and Lincoln Park Zoo Bridge. Any of these locations will certainly give your photos a nice urban sparkle.

Summer Feel!

Chicago Lakefront

During the wedding season in Chicago, the beaches and lakefronts come alive and provide some amazing scenery to achieve iconic images. You can find some amazing lakefront locations you can use for your wedding day photos, virtually anywhere along the shore.

Up Above


Whether it's your venue or the residential building in the city, there are plenty of amazing rooftops where you can take photos. Sometimes it can be very easy to get a permit to access these locations. I have photographed weddings from Wyndham Hotel, through London House, Trump Tower, and Hotel Palomar, and each and every one of them had an amazing rooftop. I have also been able to gain access to some residential rooftops to take photographs of my wedding clients.

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