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Galleria Marchetti Chicago Wedding Venue

Secret Garden in the Heart of the City

When seeking a favorite wedding venue in the Chicago area, the Galleria Marchetti Wedding Venue is for sure one of the most beautiful places to hold your ceremony, reception, or both. With over 75 years of experience as a family run business, they will assist you in hand selecting a menu that suits your preferences and pleases your guests.

Their event planners work tirelessly to ensure that your day is perfect. With multiple areas that can accommodate parties of less than 100 to just over 500 guests, from cocktail hour to the meal, dancing and beyond they are there to create a day that is unforgettable to all. Should your guests include children they have a specialized menu designed to entice them as well. Whatever your food preference is, they are there to meet your gourmet palette.

A venue that is breathtaking, mingling the art of nature with the splendor of your day, will definitely be a great place to capture your wedding day images. What could be more memorable than a starlit evening of dancing beneath a floating white canopy, twinkling candles and festoons of cream-colored flowers drawing your guests on the tide of forever love. The venue offers many opportunities for secluded photos of the bride and groom amidst the grandeur and splendor. Absolutely amazing place that forever captures the beauty of your special day for everyone to remember.

Bellow You Can See Some Of Our Favorite Images We Captured at Galleria Marchetti

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