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Meyer’s Castle Wedding with Jessica and Ben

By 12/27/2017February 7th, 2024Chicago Wedding Photographer

Back in October of 2017 I had a pleasure of photographing a wedding for Jessica and Ben. This was my second wedding at an amazing Meyer’s Castle in Indiana, a truly spectacular and unique venue. Love absolutely every detail of it.

Apart from Ben getting ready at the nearby hotel, we spent the whole day shooting at the venue itself. Upon my arrival, I noticed a beautifully setup up courtyard, just an amazing setting for an outdoor ceremony. There was only one problem though, it was very cloudy and everyone’s concern was that we would have to move the wedding inside. Just before the ceremony, the rain started, and increased heavily as we were getting closer to the ceremony time. About 5 minutes before the ceremony, decision was maid to move the wedding indoors, to the reception hall. Meyer’s Castle staff did an amazing job converting that beautiful, already setup for reception, room, into an amazing ceremony room. Everything was set and ceremony was about to begin.

Due to the rain, we were barely able to take any photos outdoors of Jessica and Ben, including their bridal party. I am a photographer, I love rain and I will actually make my bride and groom step out into the rain any time I can. It was no different this time. I preset up the lighting, positioned Jessica and Ben in front of my lens and got some pretty epic photos of their rainy wedding. We still have one big challenge! Where to take photo of 18 people bridal party, as there was no way I was able to pose them outside fast enough not to get them soaking wet. We found a place inside of Meyer’s Castle Lounge, Cocktail area, moved some furniture and captured an amazing bridal party image in just under a few minutes. Despite the rain and all the challenges of the day, we were able to capture every moment of their wedding with amazing results. Who is going to document you big day? If you are looking for a wedding photographer, contact us today, and let’s talk more details. 

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