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Begyle Brewing Wedding with Karen and Greg – Chicago Wedding Photography

By 01/09/2018February 7th, 2024Chicago Wedding Photographer

Early 2017 Karen and Greg reached out to me looking for a wedding photographer for their wedding at Begyle Brewing in Chicago. Their wedding was what we in midwest consider a last minute booking being only few months away, but understandable considering the very intimate group of people who attended their ceremony and reception. Our first meeting was at the Osmium Coffee Bar in Lakeview. An amazing coffee shop with the best Mocha I have ever had before.

Not too far into our meeting we all felt like we were a perfect match, and Karen and Greg decided to book me on the spot. From there we started planning their timeline, and creative session location.

Their wedding and getting ready started at the Guesthouse Hotel in Lakeview. I was honestly blown away by the amount of light in these hotel rooms, and the entire setup in general. Setup of their lobby was perfect for the first look photos of Karen and Greg, before we went on to first location for creative photographs.

Wedding Photos at MusicBox Theater

Karen and Greg’s first date was at the MusicBox theater in Chicago, probably the darkest place I have ever done the session at 🙂 Normal for theater though. We got creative with the lighting and capture some amazing shots at the place of their first date. MusicBox Theater staff was amazingly accommodating and wend above an beyond to help us get the session wrapped up in time. Huge thank you to everyone there. From here we went to a place of Karen’s and Greg’s first kiss, which was interestingly enough, just across the street where I lived for 3 years.

Creative Wedding Images at Begyle Brewery

Our last portion of the creative part was at the Begyle Brewery. On the other hand, the distillery was a very bright when we got there which did not fit the theme I wanted to achieve at this location. This meant getting creative with he lighting again. I underexposed the ambient exposure and created some very dramatic portraits of the two of them. They absolutely loved the filmic look of the images we were getting and were super pleased with the results. From here, we went on with the ceremony and a very small, family only reception, after which we wrapped up a day.

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