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Chicago Wedding and Engagement Photography Locations

By 03/27/2017February 4th, 2020Chicago Wedding Photographer, For Photographers

Very often I find myself hunting for great location for wedding photography session, around Chicago or in suburbs. Well, on one hand I we are very lucky to be living in one of the best and prettiest cities in the world, and finding a great location really isn’t that hard. The hardest part will probably be how to manage the timeline of your wedding day, and make sure you allocate enough time for travel and fighting the the Chicago traffic. In this city it can easily take you 15 minutes to travel couple blocks so choosing locations on your wedding day is very important in order to keep the stress on the lowest possible level. If you hired a professional photographer, he will most likely be able to give you a very good feedback on where and what would be the best option for your wedding day.

Museum Campus

The very fist wedding I photographed at this location went simply amazing. After being late for two hours for our creative session, once we made it to this location we were treated with the most amazing sunset we could hope for. And what a place to be for a great sunset. But, also for me this only meant I had just a few minutes to caputre all my photgoraphes, and not having an assistant at the time, I asked brides help to help me with some of my lights to make sure I move fast enough. Below is the few epic photographs we captured that night at Museum Campus.

Museum Campus is probably one of the most requested location for a engagement session at least with me. I shoot over there so much that I could get myself a permanent parking spot somewhere. I can totally understand why is that! The location provides amazing views of the Chicago city skyline, probably the best views you can find, amazing sunsets, and architectural details. If you want to get more of a nature feel in your photos, some greenery or amazing fall foliage, area around Field Museum looks amazing. Below you can see some of the photos taken at either wedding or engagement session.

Couple on Adler Planetarium With Stars In the SkyEngaged Couple Hugging Against Glass With Amazing ReflectionsLincoln Park Board Walk

Lincoln Park Nature Board walk is located between North Ave and Fullerton east of Stockton street. It’s a very unique location providing amazing views of the city, nature feel environments and is very close to the lake Michigan.  A very popular Honeycomb structure is a spot for wedding and engagement photographs, and I almost can’t remember if I was ever there without seeing a photographer taking photos under the honeycomb. Also, near by you can find Alfred Caldwell Lilly Pool, pond where you can get amazing backgrounds and water reflections.

Engaged Couple Sitting On Chair for Their Engagement Session in ChicagoEngagement Photo at night overlookin Chicago Skyline Lighst From Lincoln Park ZOONorth Ave. Beach

If your session location is anywhere along the coast of Lake Michigan you can’t go wrong. Anywhere from Evanston all the way to south shore, lake is just an amazing place for amazing photos. If you get there for a sunrise, you are up for a treat. Yes, it’s extremely hard to plan an early morning session, especially with future brides wanting to do makeup and hair, but it’s worth it. One over after the sunrise and one hour before sunset is what photographers call golden hour, when the sun is low in the sky and beautiful yellow soft light is bouncing everywhere, provides an opportunity for amazing images.

Millennium Park

Millennium park is another great and super popular location. It provides an amazing view of Chicago Skyline, beautiful garden is an amazing place for nature feel photographs and when you add some super modern architecture to it, this location provides everything you need. You probably get 3 in 1 and you don’t have to move anywhere else, you will be able to get all the needee photographs at just one location.

University Of Chicago Campus

This is one of my favories. University of Chicago Campus is just an overall amazing looking place.  Provides a combination of old and new, ancient and modern, historical and forward-looking. The gray stone and ivy-covered traditional English Gothic walls provide amazing details. You never know which door you can open, and where you will be able to walk in. It’s a true adventure to explore it!

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