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Destination Wedding in Bosnia

By 05/27/2016February 7th, 2024Chicago Wedding Photographer
Bride and groom dancing while snowing, back light with a star light.

Being a destination wedding photographer and shooting weddings anywhere is an amazing privilege, but it gets even better when you get to do it in your home country. Jaca and Ado are family members of mine and photographing their wedding was a truly special feeling and huge responsibility.

The Love Store

In 2008 I moved to Chicago from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jaca was still my little cousin that just started going out. It took me a while to get used to the fact when my sister tells me “oh… tonight I am going out with Jaca”. So few years pass and I go home to visit my family and as always I get to spend some time with my friends. So as I was planning a party with some friends and family, Jaca’s sister tells me, how about we invite Ado too “seems like they have a thing going on”. I knew Ado as we were both musicians and played few times together and had a lot of mutual friends. Knowing him as a great guy I said please invite him over. I can’t really say they started dating that night, but few weeks after I got new that they were in fact dating and I knew they were perfect for each other. Real matching personalities, super fun people, and both have huge passion for food 🙂

Pack and Go Back

In September of 2014 I went back to Bosnia, and everything seemed like I was there yesterday. Jaca and Ado seemed serious but I wasn’t expecting them to get engaged super soon. Upon my return to Chicago, I received the call and the news that they got engaged. I was over the moon happy for them! I knew that neither one of them could fine better person to spend the rest of their lives with. Pretty much the first questions they asked me is if I would be their wedding photographer and you can guess that my answer was YES right away. Little did I know that they planned to get married withing just a couple of months from when I received the news. Europeans don’t spend as long planning the wedding as people in the US, and I totally forgot that. So with just little planning with my wife and son, we packed my equipment, and went on the long flights to Europe. The rest is all shown in photos below. I hope you enjoy them. If you are looking for a Chicago wedding photographer please contact me and I will be happy to chat with you.

Chicago Wedding Destination Photography Jasko Omerovic (20)Bride and groom in casino surounded with slot machines.Chicago Wedding Destination Photography Jasko Omerovic (17)first dance of the bride and groom at their weddingBride and Groom in The Casino behind the slot machine.Chicago Wedding Destination Photography Jasko Omerovic (18)Bride and groom at the train station with clock in the backgroundChicago Wedding Destination Photography Jasko Omerovic (16)posed photo of bride and groom on their wedding dayBride and groom at the train station with clock in the backgroundposed photo of bride and groom on their wedding dayBride and groom at the tracks of train station with sun in the backgroundgroom and his best man standing on the car of the decayed trainBride and groom sitting at the casino slot machine trying out their luck.Roulette of live, bride and groom kissing with casino roulette machine in foreground.groom looking at the bride while both sitting in red chairs and gold wallpaper in the background.Chicago Wedding Destination Photography Jasko Omerovic (3)Bride and groom in front of the locomotive at the train station in sepia tonewedding photo bride and groom with their best man and maid of honor


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