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Engagement Session With Amina and Amer – Museum Campus in Chicago

By 07/26/2016February 7th, 2024Chicago Wedding Photographer
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Summer is here which means it’s wedding and engagements season. Couple of weeks ago I had a pleasure to photograph Amina and Amer’s engagement session for their Wedding in Chicago next year. There are many reasons everyone should have and engagement sessions and I will do a separate blog on that in the future. Personally I love them as I get to know the couple I am working with much better, and it results with better wedding images down the road as you get a chance to prepare your couple for their wedding day shoot.

As far as Amina and Amer go, we come from the same home country, and knowing our culture I always knew it would be an extreme pleasure working with them. For our photography locations we picked up Museum Campus in Chicago. We wanted to have a combination of nature looking photos as well as some architectural details in some of them.

We started our session on the east side of the Field museum, using a Lake Michigan as our backdrop. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we could not have asked for a better conditions to do this.
Chicago Wedding Photography - Jasko Omerovic (3)Chicago Wedding Photography - Jasko Omerovic (2)Chicago Wedding Photography - Jasko Omerovic (4)

For the next part, we decided we would stick in front of the field museum and get some of the back lit photos and incorporate some architectural details.

Chicago Wedding Photography - Jasko Omerovic (5)black and white photo of couple sitting on the stairsChicago Wedding Photography - Jasko Omerovic (6)engagements session in front ofAfter a while, we decided to move toward the Adler Planetarium area where I would prepare for our night photography part. As I was working my way around it, I noticed a beautiful sunset and captured probably some of my favorite images from the session. I Placed Amina and Amer against the glass of Adler Planetarium, and simply got amazing reflections on the glass.

couple looking in the distance before the marble wall of adler planetarium in Chicagoengaged couple leaning agains the glass with amazing city reflections in the back glassChicago Wedding Photography - Jasko Omerovic (16)

And as our last part of the session for the day were night photos of the skyline and Adler Planetarium. I simply decided to play a little bit more here with a photoshop an add an extra touch to these photos. I hope you like it.

couple kissing on balcony like porch surrounded by marble and stars in the sky before their wedding in ChicagoChicago Wedding Photography - Jasko Omerovic (22)architectural engagement photography before couples wedding in Chicagobefore their wedding in Chicago there was their engagement session first

I hope you enjoyed pre-wedding photographs of Amina and Amer. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Chicago contact me and let’s talk about your wedding.!

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