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Negin + Nori Wedding – Chicago Edition

By 09/29/2015February 16th, 2024Chicago Wedding Photographer

Negin + Nori Wedding took place on July 25th 2015. As their photographer I was the last minute book for them. Nori called me 2 weeks prior their wedding and asked me if I would be able to photograph their wedding. It was my only available Saturday in July, so I gladly accepted it, even though it was a very short notice. On such a short notices I don’t get to meet and talk to my couples as I usually like to do, but rather I met both of them on their wedding day.

Their story is pretty amazing. During a couple of our phone calls and emails, Nori mention that this is not their “real” wedding, as they want to get married in Vancouver. So I though, they will really quick do a ceremony, and fly off to Vancouver for their “real” wedding. Actually the story gets better. Their “real” wedding according to their plans will happen exactly year from a day they got married in Chicago and it’s going to be even bigger than the one in Chicago.
My goal was always to provide them with great service and great “real” wedding photographs that they can keep for the rest of their lives. We picked some of the best location for wedding photography around Chicago, and got some great shots. I hope you like them and if you ever need a wedding photographer in Chicago please contact me! I would love to talk to you.

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