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Real Proposal Dannah and Brandon – Rosewood Beach HighlandPark

By 12/18/2017February 7th, 2024Chicago Wedding Photographer

I truly enjoy capturing engagement sessions for many reasons, I get to meet my couples better, prepare them for their wedding day, and there is no timeline constrictions which gives us more time for creativity . But what about real proposals. Well, few months back I received a text from Brandon who was planning to propose to his girlfriend Dannah, and he needed someone to capture this special occasion for them. I absolutely loved the details I heard and all that was left to do is wait for the ring to be custom built by his jeweler. Couple days later, I got a call and I was told we were ready to go. There was no time for me and Brandon to meet beforehand so we had to play a lot by the ear. The night before Brandon sent me few photos of him and Dannah, after which I realized that the Brandon I was talking to for the bast few days was Brandon Bollig, the former Balckhawk and San Jose Sharks hockey player. Excitement grew, but I got even more nervous 🙂

I arrived at the beach, set up my camera and set on the bench patiently waiting for Brandon and Dannah to show up. My camera was hidden behind the bag and I looked like a regular Joe enjoying the day on the beach, by myself. I saw the car park on the near by parking lot and two of them walking towards the beach. At that point, I tried so hard to look anywhere but at them, as I didn’t want to be the one who would spoil the whole surprise.

They walked passed me, just feet apart, and as soon as I was able I pulled out the camera so I can capture them walking on the rocky shore and capture the actual proposal. Brandon and Dannah walked toward the end of the dock, and that’s when moment happened. Truly amazing and genuine, and I just loved being there for them to capture it. After the proposal we spent about 45 minutes capturing some creative images of the two of them so they can use them on their wedding day.

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