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Summer Wedding at Royal Sonesta Chicago Riverfront

By 10/11/2016February 8th, 2024Chicago Wedding Photographer

July 23rd… probably the hottest day of the year of 2016. I believe that the heat index was around 105, and felt like streets were going to start melting. What made this day even hotter, is the fact that Jeff and Francesca were getting married, and their fabulous wedding was at an amazing Royal Sonesta Chicago Riverfront Hotel. We met several months before their wedding to talk details and create a custom wedding photography collection to perfectly capture their day. Jeff brought up a fact that he is a photographer himself, and as any photographer would do I looked up his work and I was instantly amazed. This also meant that the pressure is ON for me, as this is the first time I actually photographed a photographer, and I mean the real one. Don’t believe me?… Check out his work here. Francesca is an amazing, caring person, that put so much into planning this wedding to the tiniest details, that in the end it absolutely had to be perfect as it was. Everything from the amazing room at the top floor of Wyndham Hotel, to stunning 3 foot table center pieces looked just fabulous. Their wedding turned out to be something that every couple dreams of! I will let photographs we captured that day tell the rest of ┬áthe story.


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