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Wedding at Blackstone Hotel In Chicago – Katelynn + Mike

By 03/16/2016February 8th, 2024Chicago Wedding Photographer

It was early January of 2016 when I was contacted by Katelynn asking me to photograph their wedding in Chicago on January 31st. Their original photographer backed out and they needed someone who can capture all the memories of their big day. After a phone call I instantly knew that their wedding would be something special considering that their reception was being held at the Blackstone Hotel Chicago. We met a week before their wedding at the Blackstone Hotel to talk details and tour the venue and place where we could take some portrait photos. Just after I walked in tot he hotel I noticed all the amazing details in the lobby, elevators, lower floors, basically every single room I went to. It was mind blowing how good this hotel looked. I could (and I might) write a blog only on this hotel.

On the day of their wedding Katelynn and Michael had a presidential suite on the top floor of the hotel. Filled with character and architectural details, the room just looked amazing and it was perfect fit for them. I started out with detail shots of their ring by placing them on red table located in one of the rooms of the suite. The reflections I was getting from the table were just amazing, and made this part really easy. Each and every part of their wedding went flawlessly and it was just a great experience to be there.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Chicago please contact me and I would love to hear details about your wedding.

Bride wedding shoes reflecting on a red tableWedding ring reflecing on the red table.Bride wedding shoes reflecting on a red tableGetting ready session went in a great atmosphere with both Katelynn’s and Michael’s family being around helping them. DSC_9848Bride getting ready and her make up being done.collage photo of bride and groom getting ready with spray around bride.DSC_9848DSC_9881Bride before her getting ready laying on the bed and smiling.DSC_9934Groom Getting Ready in the Blackstone hotel lounge in Chicago before his weddingGroom Getting Ready in the Blackstone hotel lounge in Chicago before his weddingGroom looking through a unique round windowBride approaching groom down the stairwell at blackstone hotel for the first lookFirst LookBride covering grooms eyes for a first look in Chicago WeddingBlog-CollageBeauty portrait of a bride sitting on a golden couch in blackstone hotel ChicagoBeauty portrait of a bride sitting on a golden couch in blackstone hotel ChicagoBride Portrait stanging on the Stairs of blackstone hotelcollage of bride and groom photo in the blackstone hotelBride and groom standing together in front of red wallpapaerBlackstone hotel red couch with bride and groom for Chicago WeddingDSC_0185DSC_0196M-and-K-Ceremony-(54)M-and-K-Ceremony-(51)Bride and Groom first dance in a beautiful blackstone hotel wedding reception hall in Chicago

Collage of wedding reception party photos


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