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Winter Wedding In Tinley Park

By 01/08/2016February 8th, 2024Chicago Wedding Photographer
Bride and groom in front of the gazebo at sunset.

Being a wedding photographer means that you don’t always choose an ideal scenario on where and what to shoot. For me, December always brings at least one wedding, and each time it brings new experiences and challenges. When Stephanie and Adrian got in touch with me back in May about possibility of shooting their wedding, their main concern happened to be the winter, cold and their photographs. Stephanie saw one of my previous blogs about shooting a Winter Wedding In Chicago and felt confident that I was able to do it and deliver the great photographs no matter what the conditions are.

Their wedding was in Tinley Park at a beautiful Odyssey Country Club and this was my second wedding I shot there. But, our day actually started, as most of the time, at brides house.

Jasko-Omerovic-Chicago-Wedding-Photography---Tinley-Park-Wedding-In-Oddysey-Country-Club-(50) BlogJasko-Omerovic-Chicago-Wedding-Photography---Tinley-Park-Wedding-In-Oddysey-Country-Club-(51) BlogJasko-Omerovic-Chicago-Wedding-Photography---Tinley-Park-Wedding-In-Oddysey-Country-Club-(48) BlogJasko-Omerovic-Chicago-Wedding-Photography---Tinley-Park-Wedding-In-Oddysey-Country-Club-(47) BlogJasko-Omerovic-Chicago-Wedding-Photography---Tinley-Park-Wedding-In-Oddysey-Country-Club-(49) Blog

For the creative session location we picked Naperville River Walk. Along with the DuPage river, river walk provides plenty of opportunities for great wedding photographs.

Bride and groom on sunny day in front of wooden bridge naperville.Jasko-Omerovic-Chicago-Wedding-Photography---Tinley-Park-Wedding-In-Oddysey-Country-Club-(43) BlogJasko-Omerovic-Chicago-Wedding-Photography---Tinley-Park-Wedding-In-Oddysey-Country-Club-(44) BlogJasko-Omerovic-Chicago-Wedding-Photography---Tinley-Park-Wedding-In-Oddysey-Country-Club-(52) BlogJasko-Omerovic-Chicago-Wedding-Photography---Tinley-Park-Wedding-In-Oddysey-Country-Club-(53) Blog

Second part of the creative session took part at the Odyssey Country Club in Tinley Park. We made it there just in time for sunset, beautiful sunset and soft light for some great photographs. As it was extremely cold by that time, we cut our session short and moved in inside.

Jasko-Omerovic-Chicago-Wedding-Photography---Tinley-Park-Wedding-In-Oddysey-Country-Club-(42) BlogJasko-Omerovic-Chicago-Wedding-Photography---Tinley-Park-Wedding-In-Oddysey-Country-Club-(54) BlogJasko-Omerovic-Chicago-Wedding-Photography---Tinley-Park-Wedding-In-Oddysey-Country-Club-(40) BlogJasko-Omerovic-Chicago-Wedding-Photography---Tinley-Park-Wedding-In-Oddysey-Country-Club-(57) BlogJasko-Omerovic-Chicago-Wedding-Photography---Tinley-Park-Wedding-In-Oddysey-Country-Club-(55) BlogJasko-Omerovic-Chicago-Wedding-Photography---Tinley-Park-Wedding-In-Oddysey-Country-Club-(41) Blog

My next winter wedding in Chicago is scheduled for January 30th 2016 at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago. Can’t wait for another Chicago winter challenge. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Chicago please contact me and I would love to talk details about your wedding.

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